Jon-James Hodson

Jon J Hodson Jon-James Hodson is an international award-winning filmmaker/producer who utilizes a global network of forward-thinking industry leaders to advance change in governmental policy and promote a greater understanding of cultural diversity.

Originally from Cheshire in northern England, Jon-James has lived and worked across four different continents in the fields of education, engineering and media production. With a background in the arts he approaches every task, location, and situation with an open mind, and adheres to a perspective of appreciation and tolerance when immersing himself in foreign cultures. By focusing on common experiences and the basic intrinsic values that all humanity shares, he successfully integrates opposing ideologies and breaks down barriers to promote harmony through mutually achievable goals.

Making full use of his position within the media, Jon-James provides air time for worthwhile causes to raise awareness of the issues requiring immediate public attention and involvement. He promotes causes and campaigns to television audiences by securing air time, both for those directly affected and for the organizations acting on their behalf. To ensure maximum coverage he engages viewers by presenting personal stories they can relate to; shifting the discussion from events happening in a foreign country on the opposite side of the world, to the impact on the life of a fellow human being.

In directing the growth of networks Jon-James establishes diverse demographics and promotes fair, unbiased exchanges, ensuring the issues that affect each individual and give shape to society’s development are the driving force behind content and programming. Cultivating debate, juxtaposing schools of thought, and engaging people in dialogue are always the key elements behind the work he produces. He has a clear mandate to educate and inform the audience at large with the immediate facts from all available sources.

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