Board of Directors

Here is a brief profile of our directors. For further information about each of our directors, please click on the pictures.


Ghazal Omid

Ghazal Omid, our executive director, is an award-winning author, commentator, lecturer, and religious scholar.




Kathy Deboe

Kathy DeBoe

Kathy DeBoe, Member of Board, is a native Washingtonian. Retired from a 33-year career at the International Monetary Fund, Kathy’s last position was Director of Civic and Community Relations




John J HodsonJon-James Hodson

Jon-James Hodson is an international
award-winning filmmaker/producer.






Keith ScottKeith Scott

CEO/President -
Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce/
Small Business Resource Center




Andrea Spadafora

Andrea Spadafora

Andrea Spadafora, works as a Healthcare Consultant at
NATO HQ Sarajevo






Mr Divafkan Hossein Divafkan

Marketing Director in Iran Hossein Divafkan is the advertising and PR manager for a large dairy company in Iran.




Dr Ray Dr. Denyse Ray

After more than two decades as a clinical forensic first responder and private practice practitioner, dedicating her career to helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks remove their emotional mask, Denyse Ray, PhD, BCETS, FAAETS, retooled her skills and now divides her time between training, and consulting writing and research.